Ascend Certifed Training

You’re a coach.
You became a coach to help people and
to create a profitable business.

How’s that working for you?

  • Do you have exciting, inspiring materials for your personal development clients?
  • Do you even have any clients?
  • Does marketing feel like a blank canvas?
  • Do you waste time trying to create content when you should be out delivering it?
  • Are you earning the income you need in your business…and more? Or are you draining your bank account for life support?
  • Do you just wish someone would give you a roadmap and help you find your way in the coaching business…someone who has actually done it?

There is a roadmap...and there is a coach!

Ed DeCosta is an executive coach with over two decades in the business. He knows what it takes to get clients, serve clients, and truly make a difference in their lives. He also knows what it takes to create a multi-million dollar coaching business.

Together with co-developer Craig Bryan, Ed has created the Ascend Certified Training (ACT) program to help other coaches do the same. ACT was created with coaches like you in mind.

With the Ascend Certified Training System,
you get...

  • A program developed by professional coach Ed DeCosta spanning two decades of real world experience in creating a multi-million dollar coaching business.
  • A copy of Ed’s book, Ascend: A Coach’s Roadmap for Taking Your Performance to New Heights.
  • The ACT coach’s kit delivered to your door and also available online in the ACT course.
  • A comprehensive Facilitator’s Guidebook for you, and a professionally designed Guidebook for your clients to use as you lead them through the Ascend program.
  • A Lunch and Learn presentation and eye-catching fliers to help you effectively market the program.
  • A mastermind presentation with thought-provoking videos to serve as catalysts for open discussions in your groups, plus 30 ready-to-teach lessons.
  • A flash drive with all Facilitator Guidebook materials and videos, which allows you to easily create your own customized program to fit your audience. No more slaving over a PowerPoint presentation. Simply pull out what you need and go.
  • A 4-Disk CD set you can use to teach the lessons or to sell to your attendees for their personal use and additional income for you.
  • A VIP discount on select programs and materials.
  • Exclusive access to the ACT coach’s store, where you can order supplies for your use (no more waiting in line at the copy shop) or sell to your clients, creating an added income stream for you.
  • Access to the dedicated ACT coach page on Facebook where you can ask questions and share ideas anytime.

But it doesn't stop there!

Equipping a mountain climber is not enough. Having a guide to show the way helps you stay on track, overcome the obstacles, and reach the summit.

With the ACT program, you not only get the materials you need to serve your clients, you also get dedicated training from Ed DeCosta himself on how to get clients and lead them well. Ascend Certified Training (ACT) includes five certification classes, delivered online, plus regularly scheduled Q&A calls to help you on your journey.

ACTion Lesson 1
Assembling the Team – Defining the Focus

Defining the market for your Ascend programs is key to your success and requires intentional planning. Although ACT principles apply to a broad spectrum of clients, their core needs may differ. Why should clients take your program? Who benefits from the Ascend program? How do you focus on key client needs during your value proposition? Join us for Lesson 1 as we discuss forming your marketing strategy.

ACTion Lesson 2
Getting to Base Camp – Creating the Buzz

Now that you have decided who should go on the expedition, you ask: “How do I get climbers to Base Camp?” Creating excitement about reaching the summit and getting climbers in your base camp is key to your success. Join us for Lesson 2 as we discuss hacks for creating buzz and excitement that get climbers in tents and butts in seats!

ACTion Lesson 3
Making the Climb – Maximizing the Experience

Lederhosen - CHECK! Ropes - CHECK! Ice Picks - CHECK! Your climbing team is assembled, and their gear is ready…now what? Facilitating a great climbing experience is what delivering value is all about. How do you make sure your climbers get the experience they signed up for? Join us for Lesson 3 as we talk about targeting client needs, tips and tricks for running your classes, and using My Daily Edge and accountability partnerships to help your climbers reach their summits. Let your clients be your greatest marketing tool by getting results.

ACTion Lesson 4
Ascending the Mountain – Measuring Meaningful Metrics

Even though you love to FEEL successful, setting goals, measuring progress, and ultimately getting defined results is how you BECOME successful. In Lesson 4, we will talk about the three M’s of goal setting for client performance as well as your own business. Of course, you want your clients to feel great about their progress; but ultimately, you want it to show where it counts for you and for them…the bottom line. The journey to the peak is taken in mapped, measurable, and meaningful steps.

ACTion Lesson 5
Reaching the Summit – Continuing the Engagement

The initial climb is just the beginning. Leadership, success, and a lifelong commitment to excellence require more than just the initial program. Ascend will raise the awareness of climbers that ongoing coaching and training make a difference. As a good Sherpa, you have an obligation to continue adding value to your climbing team. Coaching and additional programs are the tools it takes to make amateurs become intermediates, and intermediates become pros. Join us for this final lesson as we explore ways to develop ongoing value to your clients and create ongoing value for your business.

The Ascend Certified Training (ACT) System

Single Pay
$2997.00One Time Payment
  • Best Value Option
  • The Done-for-You ACT Coach Kit
  • Professionally Designed Marketing Materials
  • ACT Online Toolkit
  • ACT Coaching Mentorship Live Calls
  • 5-Lesson ACT Coach Certification Course
  • Exclusive Access to the Private ACT Facebook Group
5-Pay Plan
$697.00Monthly for 5 months
  • Lowest Monthly Payment Option
  • The Done-for-You ACT Coach Kit
  • Professionally Designed Marketing Materials
  • ACT Online Toolkit
  • ACT Coaching Mentorship Live Calls
  • 5-Lesson ACT Coach Certification Course
  • Exclusive Access to the Private ACT Facebook Group

Your Potential Clients

The Ascend program is ideally suited to serve the following:

  • Individuals - Those who want to take their career, business, and life to the next level
  • Business Organizations - Those seeking to reach higher levels of effectiveness and increase productivity
  • Church Groups - Church leaders seeking to become stronger leaders in order to better serve their communities
  • Schools - Administrators and students seeking education geared toward personal and professional growth
  • Entrepreneurs - Business owners who need help identifying and addressing the obstacles keeping them from explosive growth

Your Potential Impact

Want to change lives? Here are a few examples of what YOU can do with the ACT program!

“Ascend was a great investment of my time. My personal growth allowed me to grow my business, and I was also able to crystallize my goals, set priorities, and become more productive.”

- Susan

“Ed's Ascend program challenged me to be a better coach for myself, my family, and my clients. It helped me 'walk my talk' with great content, practical tools, and spot-on teaching.”

- David

“The Ascend program literally transformed my life.”

- Irene

“The Ascend modules have given me powerful insight into my life, illuminating areas that require me to be truly honest with myself in regards to the life/career I am creating.”

- John
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"The Coach's Coach"

Ed DeCosta has been called one of the most engaging executive coaches of our time. Whether working with entrepreneurial companies or Fortune 500 corporations, he delivers results.

He’s a global speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of John C. Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Les Brown, Nick Vujicic and more.

He is an acclaimed author whose books include ASCEND and Release Your Superhero. As an ICF certified coach, with over two decades of experience in the industry, he has been called a "coach's coach."

Ed has changed countless lives as the developer and publisher of the global online personal development training program “Ascend on Demand.” He’s a force on social media with hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Ed is the host of a long-standing weekly coaching blog and is also the star of the weekly YouTube show “Get Edified”, with thousands of followers.

Get Ascend Certified Training...and get on to the business of coaching!

With the Ascend Certified Training system, you get the program and the system used by one of the most successful coaches in the industry to serve clients like yours. 

Ascend Certified Training (ACT) System

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The Done-for-You ACT Coach Kit

  • Everything you need to conduct your mastermind group, workshop, or individual coaching sessions.
  • Professionally designed marketing materials.
  • Coaching Kit mailed to your door and available online.

Ongoing Training and Support

  • 5-Lesson ACT Coach Certification Course
  • Regularly scheduled coaching and Q&A calls
  • Access to the private ACT Facebook group to share questions and ideas anytime

If you are not completely thrilled with the content and value you’ve received, for any reason, simply return your package with a written request within thirty days, and we will refund your entire investment. There is no financial risk. Period.